How to root Lenovo k3 Note

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It is easy to root Lenovo k3 Note you just need to follow a few simpler steps. But before proceeding let us understand what is actually meant by rooting.

Rooting is actually a restriction that manufacturers put on the devices. Where you cannot alter or delete certain apps that are actually inbuilt. Thus rooting actually gives you access to use those unauthorized applications that require some kind of permission to access, it is like in our computer c drive require permissions to access any application. You cannot delete any application without administrator’s permission. Once rooting the device you will get permission to access to all the applications which were inaccessible to normal android users. Rooting can result into the removal of the operating system and thus you can change your operating system also.

Step to root Lenovo k3 Note:

Before proceeding let’s know what all things you will require beforehand:

  • You need to make sure these things are with you first-
  • Make sure that your phone is charged to a full 100%.
  • You need to turn on developer options.
  • To turn on developer options you need to go to settings and see “Developer options” at the bottom of the list.
  • If this does not work then go to “about phone” and open device information and then keep tapping on until a message appears that you are a new developer.
  • Come out to settings and then turn on USB debugging.
  • To do this tap on open developer options. Tap on USB debugging and ensure there is tick mark then come out to the main screen


  • It is recommended that you should increase your screen standby time up to 10 minutes to do this follow the following steps-
  • Go to screen and tap on settings.
  • Select standby time.
  • Come out of the main screen.

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What are things you required to get downloaded?

  • On your, Laptop goes to
  • First, click on “Lenovo K3 note” and then click on Levono K3 Note CWM in the box below to download it.
  • Then you need to click on android drivers and on Lenovo in a box below.
  • Then click on MTK_UsbDriver_autorun_1.0.14_internal.exe and download it.
  • Click on Add fast boot files and click on ADBFASTBOOT FILEZ.ZIP to download it.
  • Click on “SuperSU” and click on “Update Super Su” in the box down to download it.
  • Then you can remove the micro-sd card and put it into your PC make a folder and update SuperSU Do not unzip and you need to remember the name of the folder.

Making ready to root Lenovo k3 Note:

  • Unzip Levono K3 Note CWM and make a folder that you will remember.
  • Extract ADB FASTBOOT to a folder that you will remember.
  • Make this file MTK_UsbDriver_autorun_1.0.14_internal.exe run and install phone drivers.
  • Now you need to install CWM recovery
  • Firstly you need to open the folder where you extracted ADB FASTBOOT
  • I’m the blank area press shift and right click and select open command window and a command window will open.
  • With your phone on standby mode connect the USB cable to your PC.
  • Wait until the PC recognises the phone and drivers are installed.
  • If you get a pop-up allow debugging then you can allow.
  • Then in the command window, you need to type
  • Add devices<Enter>
  • You will get a list of numbers and letters
  • If you’re not getting devices then you need to reboot your phone.You need to make sure that the screen remains on.
  • Adb reboot bootloader<enter>.
  • Then in very small handwriting you will see fast boot mode written.
  • You will get a list of attached devices showing everything is ok.
  • Go to the folder where you unzipped “Lenovo k3 Note CWM
  • you will see the listed and move the command window theirs.

Now you need to perform the fast reboot:

  • You need to reboot the phone now and you should also have CWM installed.
  • You should turn off your phone now.
  • And now keep the Up volume and down buttons and you need to hold them for long.
  • Push and hold the power button.
  • You need to hold these buttons until a logo appears which may be of white and yellow colour.
  • Now you can release the buttons and you are now in CWM recovery.
  • To move up and down you can use volume up and down button.

 Now to root the phone the final step:

  • Click on Lenovo k3 note.
  • Click and open the external open it.
  • Now you need to create a new folder and copy -SuperSU into it.
  • Now you can disconnect the phone and turn it off.
  • Now you can boot the phone into CWM recovery.
  • Move to install the zip file.
  • Move to the folder where you copied SuperSU and open it.
  • Move to SuperSU and select it.
  • Select install.
  • Your phone is now rooted and reboots it in normal operational mode.
  • For checking, you can download root checker from play store.
  • You can also install busy box from play store.
  • You are done with rooting Lenovo k3 Note now…!!

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