How to Root Samsung J5 Prime [SM-G570F]

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Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime version SM-G570F 6.0.1 Marshmallow is one of the middle level mobiles of Samsung. It comes with the Marshmallow edition. You can simply Root Samsung J5 Prime with PC or without Computer.

If you come to know that the Mobile is full with unnecessary mobile company apps, then you can recuperate it by rooting. While rooting you can modify your ROM, but, generally you can remove some company apps and free up your mobile memory and also you can improve your device memory. You can free your mobile from lots of unnecessary apps. For making root and different operations you should set up the USB drivers for your device.

How to Root Samsung J5 Prime  [SM-G570F]

Root Samsung J5 Prime

Root Samsung J5 Prime

If you want to root android phone, then it is significant to know the root what would be the benefit or loss if the device is rooted initially requesting benefit you can uninstall apps that is company installed and installing any app you can change android operating system setting up custom operating system also you can change any in android device and loss is virus comes in android device and device software will be damaged so cautiously use, damage of root can be one more, the mobile which is the company’s service contract, then it goes away if phone rooted, then mobile company will officially update, you will not obtain it, if phone rooted, then probabilities to hack phone through apps, which you by now set up in the android device to carefully use.

Requirements for Rooting Samsung J5 Prime:

  1. Samsung J5 Prime Android device with full battery charged, do not attempt with less battery
  2. Samsung J5 Prime CWM revival
  3. Samsung J5 Prime USB driver
  4. Samsung J5 Prime Odin Flash tool
  5. SuperSu
  6. Good quality SD card
  7. Good quality Micro USB cable
  8. PC or Laptop

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Procedure to Root Samsung J5 Prime-

  • Set up Samsung Android USB Driver into PC or Laptop already set up, then avoid this step
  • Copy file to SD card if do not have, then switch on Android device and link to PC, then Copy to device storage
  • Open Odin tool and click on Android phone button and select J5_SM-G570_CWM_recovery.tar file
  • Now, switch off android phone and put in fastboot mode through Push and hold volume Down, Home, Powerand add USB cable to phone
  • Go to options and untick Auto Reboot alternative
  • Click to Start button on Odin tool and wait for setting up CW Recovery file
  • Switch off phone and add SD card to phone
  • Push and hold Volume Up, Home, Powerbutton and set up file
  • You are complete

For Non rooted Users Set Up TWRP Recovery in Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570F 6.0.1 Marshmallow

  • Samsung USB driver and Odin.
  • TWRP Recovery for setting up TWRP Recovery in Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570F 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
  • If you cannot Flash the above TWRP, then try the below one.
  • Download TWRP Recovery 2 for setting up TWRP Recovery file in Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570F 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
  • Set up the Samsung USB Driver on your system.
  • Take out the Odin Files in your system.
  • Copy the TWRP Recovery files on your system.
  • Facilitate USB Debugging Mode, then Tap 7 to 10 Times in Build Number and Enable USB debugging Mode.
  • Turn off your device. Get into Download mode, then Volume Down, Home, and Power Buttons.
  • After getting into Download Mode it will articulate Warning push Volume Up button to carry on.
  • Link your Mobile with PC through USB cable.
  • Open Odin Application. It will display the message appended. If you did not get this message, then do again the above given steps.
  • After receiving added message, choose PDA button, then go through the TWRP Recovery file, choose it. Tick on the auto reboot.
  • You can verify the TWRP Recovery is properly set up or not by getting into recovery Mode, then turn off your device, then Volume Up, Home, and Power Buttons.

Set up SuperSu in Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime SM-G570F 6.0.1 Marshmallow

  • Download SuperSu.Zip file and copy it into your Inner Memory.
  • Turn off your Mobile. Boot it into recovery mode, then Volume Up, Home, and Power Button.
  • Now, it will Boot into TWRP Recovery Mode. Then, Select Wipe, Advance Wipe, and Cache Data.
  • Go back to Home of TWRP and choose install. Then, choose SuperSu.Zip.
  • After setting up, you need to reboot your device.
  • Now, you can get the SuperSu file in your Mobile Apps.

Video Guide: Root Samsung J5 Prime

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