How to Root Samsung J7 (SM-J700F)

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Having a root access to your device may be one of the most important things for you. So you should learn why to root Samsung Galaxy J7 and how to root j7 without pc. Rooting is an important feature of a phone because it gives you access to all the applications which were built in and you had not an access before. Here are simple steps where I will guide you as to how to root your Samsung galaxy j7. You can perform this simple steps on your own at your home by just needing a few things which you can find at your home easily.

First of all, you should know that rooting is not an official process it is not allowed especially for Samsung devices. This is an unofficial operation which is actually not supported by Samsung devices and you may lose your phone warranty

Though it is an unofficial process but after this process, you will be able to follow the following. You can remove bloatware, You can install apps other than from google play, You can Install custom recovery images, You can take backup with the non-android application. You can install custom ROM’s and you can do a lot more .

With these advantages, you have to face some of the risks also one of main which is warranty.
You may lose your warranty after rooting up your device.
Another disadvantage is data loss.Your data may get corrupted or lost during the root process.
So it is highly recommended to take a backup of all the videos, call, log, etc..
For backup, you can either link your phone to various accounts such as google or other options where the back of all your contacts and photos will be taken.
You can also manage your backup on the cloud.

The root solutions I have provided are compatible with the 2016 version of Samsung and I will be describing two methods here the first method can be done from your phone itself while the second will require a PC or laptop. It totally depends on you which process you want to follow.

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You have to do the following before rooting your phone

  • If while downloading some files you face some protection issues you should turn off the antivirus on your laptop or may be on your PC.
  • Tap on developer option in settings and then about phone.
  • Check whether the USB debugging option from your phone is turned on or not
  • Then tap on the unknown sources option.
  • You should ensure that your phone is fully charged because it should not get turned off during the rooting process.
  • So if only half of the power is left then plug in your charger.
  • The Samsung j7 drivers must be installed on your phone.

How to Root Samsung J7 without PC

  1. First of all, you need download a root download from the XDA developers.
  2. Download the king root APKFile.
  3. Install the app on your phone.
  4. Go to the app and run it.
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  6. Reboot in the end.
  7. Then you need to installFramaroot APK on your phone.
  8. Run the file and also the super SU package.
  9. You are done..!!

Root Samsung Galaxy J7  with PC

  • Download root from
  • Install the program by following screen instructions.
  • Connect your phone with a USB cable to your PC.
  • Run the Exe file
  • Click the root button from the main window.
  • Wait for the root to install.
  • You are done with the procedure!

Video Guide: Root Samsung J7

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