How to Root HTC One M7 and Unroot HTC One m7

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For those who need to Root HTC One M7, here’s step by step process for all Mac, Windows and Linux PC user that permits to install the recovery of TWRP (Team win Recovery Project), unlock bootloader as well as root HTC One m7 device without losing your applications/settings and data by utilizing ADB backup.

Here are the complete steps to show how to root HTC One M7.

First of all backup everything from your HTC smartphone internal storage before we start rooting and follow the given steps.

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Step by Step Process: How to Root HTC One M7

Step 1. The very first step in htc m7 root is, go to Settings >Developer option and ensure USB troubleshooting is minded.

Step 2. Connect your HTC One through a micro-USB or OTG cable to your computer.

Step 3. Now Download and make unzip to HTCOneRoot registry. This compress document contains all that you have to root HTC One Phone!

Step 4. Open command prompt (CMD) on your PC or Laptop and type commands given below.

Commands for Mac:

cd Downloads

cd HTCOneRoot

chmod 755 *

./adb-macintosh backup – apk – all – f backup.ab

Commands for Windows:

cd Downloads

cd HTCOneRoot

adb backup – apk – all – f backup.ab

Commands for Linux:

cd Downloads

chmod 755 *

cd HTCOneRoot

./adb-linux reinforcement – apk – all – f backup.ab

Step 5. Open settings on you phone and choose “backup my data” to backup your all application and data.

Step 6. After the completion of application backup, go to Settings > Power and ensure that Fast boot is confirmed.

Step 7. Next, turn off your HTC One and press the Volume and Power button simultaneously for around 3-5 seconds. This will show the bootloader menu on screen.

Enter Fast boot mode by hitting the Power button.

Connect your HTC One with your PC through a micro USB cable.

Step 8. Need to type below written commands on terminal or command prompt.

Command for Mac:

./fastboot-macintosh oem get_identifier_token

Command for Windows:

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

Command for Linux:

sudo ./fastboot-linux oem get_identifier_token

Step 9. Just copy down the identifier token

Step 10. Visit & sign in. If you are new user first register and then login.

Click on “Unlock Bootloader” to Begin

Step 11. Pick “All Other Supported Models” then tap on “Start Unlock Bootloader“.

Step 12. Pick “Yes“.

Step 13. Ensure that check boxes are ticked and tap on “Proceed to Unlock Instructions“.

Step 14. Scroll to the bottom of page and tap on “Continue to Step 5”.

Step 15. Scroll to the bottom of page and tap on “Continue to Step 8”.

Step 16. Again scroll to the bottom, Now paste your token that you have copied previously. Ensure there’s no blank space (while using MAC/Linux).

Step 17. Press “Submit” button. If the copied token is paste correctly than you will find the Token Submitted Successfully! Message

Step 18. Open your email and check that you have received the Unlock_code.bin file from

Step 19. Download it and copy down the Unlock_code.bin file to HTCOneRoot folder.

Step 20. Now your below commands in Command prompt or terminal.

Command for Windows,:

fastboot streak unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Command for Mac:

./fastboot-macintosh streak unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Command for Linux:

sudo ./fastboot-linux streak unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Step 21. Go to your mobile phone and tick ‘Yes’ with volume button then click the Power button. Your HTC One phone will reboot in 5 -6 seconds.

Step 22. Once your reboot process is completed then you receive welcome text message simply such as the day you receive your HTC one. Login through the setup procedure then copy file to HTCOneRoot directory/folder to anyplace on your HTC One’s inside storage memory.

Step 23. Switch off your HTC one m7 then reboot into the bootloader menu to quickboot or fast boot mode as you’ve done in Step 7.

Step 24. Type following commands to install recovery:

For HTC One M7 (AT&T/T-Mobile/International/Unlocked/Developer)

fastboot streak recuperation openrecovery-twrp-

For HTC One M7WLS (Sprint):

fastboot streak recuperation openrecovery-twrp-

At that point Type:

fastboot eradicate store

At that point Type:

fastboot eradicate store

For Mac, supplant “fastboot” with “./fastboot-macintosh”.

For Linux, supplant “fastboot” with “sudo ./fastboot-linux”.

Step 25. Pick “Bootloader” and press Power button.

Step 26. Pick “Recovery” and press Power button.

Step 27. In TWRP (Team win Recovery Project) recovery, pick “Install“.

Step 28. Pick the file

Step 29. Swipe to confirm the flash, now this will root your htc m7 by installing SuperSU superuser application and SU binaries. There are different htc one m7 root tool kit that can be used to launch on your htc drivers.

Step 30. Click on “Reboot System” for rebooting system.

Step 31. Once rebooting process is done, you find “SuperSU” application in your application drawer. Congrats! You’ve successfully rooted HTC One! To check the full rooting of your phone is properly done you can install an app as Titanium Backup.

Step 32. Noe you can restore you old data. You just need to copy all data or info that you backed up previously into your HTC One’s internal memory.

At that point, go to Settings >Developer option and create “USB debugging” is turn on.

Step 33.  Type following commands to restore apps and its data

Command for Windows:

adb reestablish backup.ab

Command for Mac:

./adb-macintosh reestablish backup.ab

Command for Linux:

./adb-linux reestablish backup.ab

Step 34. Go to your mobile phone and click on “Restore my Data“.

Step 35. Here’s you have completely root HTC m7 with all your applications and data.

Step by Step Process: How to Root HTC One M7

Now if you wish to unroot htc one m7 then here you will also get complete information about how to unroot htc one M7. So continue reading…

Before you start:

  1. You ought to have rooted your gadget utilizing the strategy given here.
  2. Your gadget ought to have no less than 70% of battery life left.
  3. Downloading requisite Files:
  4. Stock Firmware
  5. Fastboot

III. Unrooting the HTC One (M7):

  1. Download and put both the documents onto your Desktop.
  2. Separate records from the Fastboot document to your Desktop. Leave the other document as may be.
  3. Switch OFF your gadget.
  4. Reboot your gadget into bootloader mode. To do that, hold and press the Volume UP button along with Power button simultaneously.
  5. Associate your gadget to your PC utilizing the USB link.
  6. Start Command Prompt Window on the screen of your computer. To perform this, hold and press the Shift button on your console and right-tap on any unfilled territory on the screen, then select Open charge window here.
  7. Sort in taking after summons into the Command Prompt Window:
  • fastboot oem rebootRUU
  • fastboot streak zip
  1. When it’s set, reboot your gadget.
  2. Your HTC One M7 is unrooted now!

Awesome! Your htc one m7 unroot is completed!

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