How to Root HTC One M8 and Unroot HTC One M8

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If you need to root HTC One M8, here’s the means by which to do it. The very first thing we have to do is to backup all the files from your smartphone. First open the bootloader that will delete the whole thing on your HTC One M8 root. So keep reading our one by one steps to know how to root htc one m8.

Root HTC One M8

Root HTC One M8

Step by Step Process: How to Root HTC One M8

Step 1. Hold your HTC One M8 and open the Settings > Power and ensure “Quick boot” is confirmed.

Step 2. Switch off your HTC Phone and press down Volume and Power buttons for around three seconds. After three seconds you’ll see the bootloader menu.

Step 3. Hit the Power catch once and you ought to now be in FASTBOOT mode.

Step 4. Interface a smaller scale USB link from your HTC One M8 to your PC.

Step 5. Download and unfasten the document, you ought to get an envelope called “fastboot” in your Downloads index.

Step 6. Next, go to the CWM/TWRP recuperations area of and download htc root app or TWRP root M8 htc model.

Step 7. Duplicate the downloaded CWM or TWRP recuperation picture (record finishing in .img) to the fastboot organizer you unzipped before.

Step 8. In the event that utilizing Linux or Mac, you may hop this step like no drivers required. If you’re utilizing Windows then open Device Manager and confirm that you’re having “My HTC” or “Android ADB”. But if you don’t then you have to install HTC drivers on your gadget, download the drivers of HTC One M8 and run it. Once you’ve done this just return to this step.

Step 9. Open a charge brief or terminal. For Windows, just sort “cmd” in the pursuit bar.

For Windows:

fastboot oem get_identifier_token

For Mac:

./fastboot-macintosh oem get_identifier_token

For Linux:

sudo ./fastboot-linux oem get_identifier_token

Step 10. Duplicate the identifier token to your clipboard.

Step 11. Next, go to and pick “Open Bootloader” and hit “Begin”. You should enroll for the site first in the event that this is the first run through utilizing the site.

At the point of root for htc one m8 pick and tap on “Start Unlock Bootloader“.

Step 12. Consent to the terms and tap on “Continue to Unlock Instructions”.

Step 13. Look over the distance down and tap on “Continue To Step 5”.

Step 14. Spin the scroll button down and paste your identifier token, “My Device Identifier Token“.

Step 15. Next you’ll get a Successful message. But for any reason if you don’t get the successful message, try again step 10.

Step 16. Check your inbox because you get a mail by HTC with an open code document. Download this record and duplicate it to your fastboot organizer.

Step 17. Next sort in order brief/terminal:

For Windows, sort:

fastboot streak unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

For Mac, sort:

./fastboot-macintosh streak unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

For Linux, sort:

sudo ./fastboot-linux streak unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

Step 18. Go to your HTC One M8 screen then utilize Volume key to pick “Yes” then hit the Power catch. Your HTC One M8 ought to reboot in couple seconds.

Step 19. Once rebooted, sign into your HTC One M8.

Step 20. Rehash Step 1,go to Settings>Power and ensure “Quick boot” is verified.

Step 21. Now to root htc m8 connect device to your PC and duplicate over the SuperSU compress document.

Download SuperSU zip file

Step 22. Rehash Step 2 through 4 and reboot your HTC One M8 into fastboot mode.


Step 23. Next, sort:


fastboot streak recuperation PutImageFileHere.img

Supplant “PutImageFileHere.img” with the picture record you downloaded before in Step 6 and 7.

At that point Type:

fastboot eradicate store

For Mac, supplant “fastboot” with “./fastboot-macintosh”.

For Linux, supplant “fastboot” with “sudo ./fastboot-linux”.

Step 24. Pick HBOOT and select Power catch on your HTC One M8’s screen.

Step 25. Pick “Recovery” and hit the Power catch.

Step 26. You ought to now be in CWM or TWRP Recovery. For CWM Recovery, pick “introduce from compress” and for TWRP, pick “Introduce” then find the htc one m8 one click root SuperSU and install it.

Step 27. Once rebooted, you ought to discover SuperSU application in your application drawer. Congrats, you’ve effectively completed your HTC M8 root.

How to Unroot HTC One M8

  1. Download the toolbox from htc one m8 unroot page.
  2. Save the record on your PC and unfasten the same on desktop.
  3. Extract the record into your C: drive.
  4. Install the HTC One drivers on your PC by means of toolbox – just if the drivers are not introduced on your PC.
  5. For introducing the drivers, open the toolbox.
  6. On the left you will have the choice for introducing the drivers, select the same.
  7. Then, take after the progressions from beneath for figuring out how to relock the bootloader

Once you have done this your htc one m8 unroot will complete effectively.

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