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The HTC One X is one of the classiest gadgets among thousands different smartphones. Before to Root HTC One X, backup everything from your HTC smartphone otherwise your all data will be deleted. The procedure is pretty much simple but essential because if you ignore it than all your data will be wiped out.

The htc one x rooting is very much similar to root htc desire x. To know more about how to root htc one x first you have to reboot your device and then unlock the bootloader of your HTC One X. Here is the step by step procedure to root HTC desire X. So keep reading properly.

Root HTC One X

Root HTC One X

Step by Step Process to Root HTC One X

  1. Back up your htc one x

Keeping back up of all data is a pretty much important thing to do. Important files such as images, videos, zip files and other stuff need to back up first. Games and other application softwares can be re-downloaded, yet you may lose your recoveries and settings. Apart from that you should also you’re your contacts to your SIM card.

  1. Unlocking your HTC One X bootloader

Now, it’s the place where HTC One X bails you out. Go to the , find and click on the drop down menu where you will find ‘All Other Supported Models’ option in last of the list.

  1. Downloading the important documents

Now, to root your HTC one X, there are several ways to apply. Downloading important files is one of the most significant strategies through which you may keep your data safe. It doesn’t make a difference whether you’re utilizing Windows, Linux or Mac as an executables files for you.

  1. Extract the Document

Having a zip file is completely useless if there is no zip loader software in your computer. There are some very popular zip file launcher such as WinRAR, WinZip, TugZIP etc. for extracting compress files, remove to a folder for easy access. The file name is unessential, so you can name it whatever you want.

  1. Plug your HTC One X phone in

Connect your HTC One X with a computer through the USB cable. This is enough to make connection between your HTC One X and your computer.

  1. Allow USB investigating and Charge only mode

Now, enable the USB debugging to permit files to accomplish their job. Go to the Settings and select the Developer Option, you have to empower USB troubleshooting. Get your One X and go to Settings. Select Developer Options and after that USB debugging. Confirm that whether Setting is checked or not, if not then check it first. Scroll down from the top, tap on USB type and choose Charge Only.

  1. Run the Files

Find the document you’ve extracted before and pick one given alternatives, according to the OS you are using. For example- Windows users utilize root.bat whereas as a Mac user you may use Similarly, Linux clients may use Double tap the document then significant script will carry out its job. Amid this time, your HTC should reboot some times. Does not worry, it normal- just let the script installed? The rooting of your HTC One x is completed. Similarly, you may also root htc one max.

Congratulations, your HTC One X root is perfectly completed now.

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