How to Root Samsung Galaxy s5

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Introduction and features of Samsung galaxy S5:

Samsung galaxy S5 an awesome Ip67- certified dust and water resistant phone launched by Samsung a company of Korea (Japan) in February 2014. This phone is working on android 4.4.2v (Kitkat) and is upgradable to 6.0 marshmallows. It has corning gorilla glass 3 and super amoled screen. You must also know that Samsung has also launched a mini version of S5 so the rooting steps may differ for both the phones as both may have different specifications.

Rooting your Samsung galaxy s5

Root Samsung Galaxy s5

Root Samsung Galaxy s5

What does rooting means?

Rooting any of the device means getting rid of all the built in apps that are already there in your phone which you can’t uninstall directly it’s similar to a CPU process where you require admin permission to remove all those nasty apps. Rooting actually means to use your phones to its root after which you can customize it as you want. You can use themes and other customizes options as all the unnecessary apps would have removed. Many people what to know how to root samsung galaxy s5 ?, so below we have complete solution to it

Samsung galaxy s5 rooting is a bit difficult task but i have made this procedure easy for you. This method is applicable to most of the devices but since the device keep updating their may be devices which will not support this.

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Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Download the CF-auto link by chain fire according to your model number their are different models available in market
  2. Firstly you need to know how to check the model number.
  3. Go to settings. Go to system then go to about device and you will find your model number it may be
    Ex–> SM-G900H (international exynos) OR SM-G900P (sprint)
  4. The major variants are supported you can continue with this tutorial.
  5. This steps will not lose any data or apps which you may have installed .but this will void your warranty. There is no way to get your warranty back but if there is, I will make sure and make a tutorial on that.
  6. There are no other methods without tripping the Knox counter.
  7. Download the relevant ifautoroot file which is according to your model number.
  8. Download and install kies3 make sure its not running in the background makes sure you quit it.
  9. Right click on the CF root file click extract here option the files will get extracted.
  10. 10. By default odin3-v-3.07 exe will be there in the extracted files but if not you can individually download odin3
  11. Now getting back to the phone go ahead turn your phone off.
  12. Once the backlog/capacitive keys gets off press volume down centre home and power button simultaneously.
  13. Once it comes on downloading Moe connect your phone with a pc cable
  14. After connecting right click on Odin select run as administrator.
  15. As long as your devices are installed properly you will get a highlighted blue light in the left corner box.
  16. If this does not appear reboot your pc.
  17. Click on PDA and select CF-auto root file that we just extracted
  18. Click start.
  19. Here it is your galaxy s5 will reboot.
  20. You will see a red android screen.
  21. Your phone will get restart.
  22. Find apps and click on Super su.
  23. Click ok.
  24. Now you can disconnect your phone.
  25. You can also download a root checker app from playstore to check if you have access to root or not.

Video Guide: Root Samsung Galaxy s5

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